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Chris Evans | Marvel Studios panel at SDCC 2014


Chris Evans @ the Marvel Panel.  #meatball.

Robert Downey Jr. hugging Chris Evans.

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#literally FUCK. YOU. #i don’t understand why people like my brother think snape is still a good guy #this is him sifting through harry’s memories #the ones that mean the most to him his parents and sirius #and hes happy in these memories #and snape invades them and perverts them with his scowl and prescence #a grown man enjoying toying with an abused childs happy place #hp (via lizardcookie)

There’s also the fact that in the books, Snape learned that Harry had been horribly abused by the Dursleys. And rather than being like “wow, here I’ve been treating this kid like he grew up being spoiled, but now I have evidence he was treated just as badly as I was treated as a kid”,  he thought it was HILARIOUS “omg your family had an angry dog literally chase you up a tree whose dog specifically was it lol”. And had zero sympathy over the fact, y’know, Harry witnessed someone being murdered, and told him he was weak for basically suffering symptoms of PTSD.

Harry felt sorry for Snape when he saw his memories. But Harry’s were WORSE, and Snape did not appear to feel a thing.

Chris Evans and Aaron Taylor-Johnson attend the Marvel Studios panel during Comic-Con International 2014 at San Diego.


Look at this fucker, only filming for a few months and Chris is ALREADY GOING AFTER AARON’S BOOB

Chris Evans staying behind to take pictures with a fan and her mother

Chris being awkward and adorable.

Chris Evans signing at SDCC 2014